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We'll replace your student planners.

Classroom is a mobile organization tool designed and built for students.

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Classroom pulls calendar events from one or more school calendars to help students keep track of what's going on in school.

Classroom shows bell schedules, parsed from a spreadsheet, to allow students to quickly check class timings for the day.

Classroom allows students to add, set due dates for, and check off assignments to easily stay on top of what they have to do.

Classroom includes dynamic and beautifully-designed hall passes that change color to indicate how much time has been used.

Classroom displays school files, including student handbooks, lunch menus, maps, rubrics, and course lists.

Classroom includes a web-based administrator dashboard from which you can add and update school-specific information, including calendar sources, bell schedules, common hall pass destinations, and school files. Each time you make a change, it's automatically pushed out to all of your students. The dashboard is extremely easy-to-use, and takes advantage of tools that you probably already use, like Google Calendar and Microsoft Excel.